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Welcome to HDC
Habitat Development Centre is a first class firm specialising in project development services, investment management and training. With a commitment to deliver excellent results for partners with premier real estate around the world, we assemble teams of experts who provide integrated services built on market insight and foresight, sound research and relevant market knowledge. We are in business to create and deliver real value for clients, shareholders and our own people in a complex environment that is constantly changing. As a development hub, we specialize in creating, developing and operating real estate-related investment funds as well as businesses to support those efforts.

Our Services

Development Consulting

HDC assists in all aspects of project development from site selection, preliminary through complex due diligence, project team formation and control, entitlements, financing and construction. We go all the way with clients in achieving their development goals.

Finance Consulting

Our project financing team synergises with our financial partners to ensure you have smooth, transparent and timely financing for projects. This group focuses on the fund market execution, through loan syndications and securitizations.

Facility Management

Helping corporations maintain facilities and cut operational costs while improving occupant experience is a specialty at HDC. We offer customized analyses and improvement proposals as well as ready-made solutions for all facilities’ processes and projects.

Our Culture

At Habitat Development Centre, our culture of uncompromising diligence and ethics in every engagement is very much in evidence, helping us attract and retain the best clients. Our commitment to client service excellence, teamwork, integrity, entrepreneurial determination.

Our Clients

Our full range of services are for New Buildings, Remodelling, Historic Renovation, Adaptive Reuse Additions, and Branding for a number of target groups including public institutions, and a volume of private sector companies. Our diverse work history includes individual and multiple dwellings, low-cost and ecologically sustainable housing, retail and mixed-use developments, high-rise offices and apartments, hotels, resorts, sporting facilities, Shopping Centres. Banks/Financial Institutions, Medical Clinics/Health Care, Office Buildings, Schools, Industrial and Manufacturing Facilities, Restaurants, Interior Space Planning, Churches and Historical Renovation Projects.

Our Experience

Our experience has cut across various sectors of the economy, from institutions to private individuals, industrial concerns, factories, financial institutions and tourism. We constantly are developing a portfolio of projects that are lined up for developments.

Our Works

Association Apartments

Association Apartments is to be built on the Lekki Peninsula, which is flanked by the Victoria Island on its west. Lekki has numerous fabulous beaches and a few Brazilian and Portuguese architectural remnants which make it an attractive tourist destination. Most of the apartments in this little town have the advantage of running water and electricity, including Association Apartments, which ascertain a hassle-free living for the inhabitants.

Oak Towers

Rendered with the best security and lift systems, Oak Towers planned for Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria has the nobility of a father. Though lofty and proud, it makes sure its inhabitants are well protected from the cruelties of the outside world. The glass cladding ensures that an optimum amount of heat and light can sneak in, so that the workers can carry out their jobs in a comfortable warmth. So even if all the work is making you fret, it won’t make you sweat!

Aso Towers

Aso Towers is situated right in the heart of Nigeria, since it is in the middle of Asokoro, Abuja, The Federal Capital of the country. Asokoro is home to most of the serving ministers and top government officials. A high standard and highly secure district, it is punctuated by some of the most important landmarks – The Aso Rock, ECOWAS Secretariat, National Intelligence Agency (NIA), the WHO office and so on. Basking in the light of self-importance because of its high society surroundings, Aso Towers attracts esteemed clients and officials, hence providing a huge benefit to the owners of the offices in this building.