Habitat Development Centre is a first class firm specialising in project development services, investment management and consulting. With a commitment to deliver excellent results for partners with premier investments around the world, we assemble teams of experts who provide integrated services built on market insight and foresight, sound research and relevant market knowledge. 

We are in business to create and deliver real value for clients, shareholders and our own people in a complex environment that is constantly changing. As a development hub, we specialize in creating, developing and operating real estate-related investment funds as well as businesses to support those efforts. 

Our centre often shares market knowledge and experience with professionals, policy makers and intending participants in the industry in areas of construction, project management, land development, commercial real estate development, acquisition, commercial financing and other areas of project development. Every day, we apply our expertise and integrity to help our clients succeed. 

We attract, develop and reward the best and most diverse people in our industry, challenging them to develop enduring client relationships built on quality service, collaboration and trust. 



At Habitat Development Centre, our culture of uncompromising diligence and ethics in every engagement is very much in evidence, helping us attract and retain the best clients. Our commitment to client service excellence, teamwork, integrity, entrepreneurial determination, and social responsibility has its beginnings to more than 5 years ago. This spirit is embodied today in the core values of the firm’s principals, associates and administrators and their ability to balance global strategy and local market knowledge ensuring the highest level of transparency.




Habitat Development Centre upholds strongly the attitude of profitable relationships with every partner-current and potential. It focuses on operating with utmost integrity, unquestionable honesty and openness in all involvements. We appreciate the value of cost as it directly affects our deliverables and the promises to our client. This in addition is supported with a strong acumen to spot other areas of brilliant opportunities for our clients and ourselves. We will be committed to carrying out business with transparent honesty, trust, openness and integrity in all dealings.